Ermani Air Freshener (Jasmine)

৳ 216.00

Elevate your space with Ermani Air Freshener in Jasmine flavor. Banish odors, renew your environment, and enjoy the gentle, floral aroma that keeps your room delightfully fragrant for long hours.


  • Renews your environment
  • Banishes unwelcome odors
  • Delivers a burst of natural freshness
  • Freshes air with light fragrance 

How to Use

Step-1: Shake Ermani Air Freshener thoroughly before use.

Step-2: Keep the can upright and depress the nozzle.

Step-3: Spritz the freshener throughout the room.

Step-4: Enjoy the delightful floral fragrance.

Step-5: Refresh the ambiance by reapplying as needed.


Use only as directed. Deliberate inhalation is fatal. Keep out of reach of children.


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