Our Company History

Smart Distribution (Pvt ) Ltd is a rapidly growing and one of the leading enterprises with business in import of quality consumer goods .Since its inception, this company strives to increase the value of its brand ,with the best quality products from Europe ,Turkey,China for more than sixteen years .

It has started its journey with the Mitsubishi Media products and Brother fax machine from Singapore with exclusive distributorship .Then in 2004 the company expanded and focused its business in FMCG products .

With the company’s vision is always given top most priority to deliver best quality goods with reasonable price ,it started to market Europe famous Cyprus origin baby diaper brand : Nannys baby Love ,adult diaper Brand: Tender ,Baby wipes brand: Nannys baby wipes with exclusivity .

In a journey of expansion ,the company started marketing non alcoholic malted drinks “MOUSSY”in Bangladesh as a strategic planning of product diversifications. In addition of this, the company is representing Indonesia origin Fullo blasto chocolates,Pakistan origin mouth Freshner(Betel spices),Pakistan origin Basmoti Rice and recipe spices Lazzat spices .

The company also started marketing Turkey famous company “SMART” brand shoe and leather care products in with the company slogan “ the smartest way to take care of “ .

 In addition to meet the growing demand of mid level customer and providing product support ,it has been marketing its own brand Smart baby diaper ,Turkey origin Freshlife adult diaper ,Freshmaker brand wet tissue ,Indonesian origin Formula oral care products .

In the process of further expansion ,the company has started business with Malaysian famous gloves manufacturing company “TOP GLOVE” to widen its medical related products .

In a journey of further expansion in manufacturing sector, SDPL started its wet wipes manufacturing in tube and in fliptop under its registered brand ” SmartCare ” .Besides this also, it has started its new manufactruing plant of Airfreshner under its own brand “Ermani”

The company envisages making contribution to provide quality products .The mission of Smart Distribution (Pvt) Ltd to provide world class FMCG products in our country and thus contributing to the national development through ethical business practices, empowerment of people and embracing changes that come with time.


To deliver first choice brands and and innovative solutions to the customers in Bangladesh.

Mission :

  • We exist to brighten and delight the lives of our customers ,employees .
  • By creating and meeting consumer’s needs.
  • We are oriented to supply excellent products and services through cutting edge technologies.
  • We are determined in preserving and caring for the environment .
  • We listen to our customers and develop a strong and cooperative relationship with them .
  • Total quality is our work method .
  • Customer satisfaction is our final goal .


  • Respect
  • Proactivity
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Team spirit
  • Continuous Learning
  • Relationship

We are One

Working together we are empowered to deliver outstanding customer experiences. It’s our pride that we can do it better.

We Embrace Differences

We honor diversity of ideas, people, and beliefs. Our diversity enables us to create innovative solutions to serve our clients needs.

We are dedicated

We are committed to tenaciously working on behalf of our clients and partners and with our teams.

We Constantly evolve

We are curious. we embrace new ideas and create change.  Our evolution drives growth for us and our customers.
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