SmartCare Baby Feeding High Chair

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The versatile 3-in-1 Smart Care Baby Feeding High Chair adjusts to your baby’s growth, featuring low, rocking, and high chair modes. It allows your baby to enjoy comfort with reclining backrests. Crafted from BPA-free, this feeding high chair has eco-friendly materials for safety. Foldable design for storage, with adjustable height, safety harness, and mobile wheels, this baby feeding chair is suitable for ages 3 months to 3 years.


  • 3-in-1 High Chair
  • Has low chair mode, rocking chair mode & high chair mode
  • Accommodates babies from 3 Months to 3 Years old
  • Weight capacity of up to 15 kgs
  • 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Universal Wheels with Brakes
  • Large Storage Basket

How to Use 

Step-1: Start by assembling the chair according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Step-2: Choose the appropriate mode for your baby’s age and needs: low chair, rocking chair, or high chair mode.

Step-3: Adjust the height of the chair to match your feeding setup or your baby’s comfort level.

Step-4: If desired, adjust the recline of the backrest to provide optimal comfort for your baby during feeding or relaxation.

Step-5: Place your baby in the chair and secure them using the provided safety harness

Step-6: Offer your baby food or drink while they are comfortably seated

Step-7: After feeding, wipe down any spills or messes with a damp cloth

Step-8:  When not in use, fold the chair for compact storage

Step-9: If needed, use the mobile wheels to move the chair effortlessly from room to room


Always supervise your baby while using the Smart Care Baby Feeding Chair to prevent accidents.


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