Lazzat Super Basmati Rice 1kg (Pakistan)

৳ 485.00

  • Colour: The color of basmati is translucent, creamy white. Brown Basmati Rice is also available but the most commonly used is white Basmati.
  • Grain: Long Grain.
  • Texture: Dry, firm, separate grains. Upon cooking, the texture is firm and tender without splitting, and it is non-sticky.
  • Uses Flavour and texture complement curries because it is drier rice and the grains stay separate. Also suits biryani and pilau (where saffron is added to provide extra color and flavor).
  • Main benefits: Aromatic fragrance and dry texture.
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Organic & Only the finest quality Basmati grains are selected for Lazzat Basmati rice, which is 100% pure, aged premium Basmati rice. The extra-long grain length, naturally sweet taste, unique aroma, and fluffy texture make Lazzat Basmati a favorite amongst rice connoisseurs across the globe.


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