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Tender Adult Diaper – Large (15pcs)

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Discover Tender Adult Diaper in Large size (15pcs), offering high absorption and dryness for severe incontinence. Features triple side elastics, leak prevention, and waterproof outer protection. Ideal for daily use.


  • Triple Side Elastics close softly around the leg
  • Prevents any leakages
  • Has waterproof outer protection
  • Ideal for severe cases of incontinence

How To Use 

Step-1: Unfold the diaper completely.

Step-2: Identify the front and back.

Step-3: Step into the diaper as you would pants.

Step-4: Pull it up to your waist.

Step-5: Adjust for comfort.

Step-6: Secure the elastic waistband tightly.


Ensure proper disposal of used diapers to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination.


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