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Smartcare Ultra Thin Baby Pant Diaper – (Medium 54 Pcs)

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Indulge your baby with SmartCare Ultra Thin Baby Pant Diapers in Medium (54 Pcs). Featuring cutting-edge core tech, they’re featherlight, ensuring 12-hour protection with unmatched absorption. Originating from P.R.C, this medium-sized pack offers superior comfort.


  • Cutting-edge Core Innovation
  • Featherlight & Cozy Design
  • Guards for 12 hours
  • Unmatched Absorption Capability
  • Medium-sized Packaging: 54 Pcs

How to Use 

Step-1. Lay the diaper flat with the absorbent side up.

Step-2. Align your baby properly on the diaper.

Step-3. Secure tabs firmly between the legs.

Step-4. Ensure comfort around legs and waist.

Step-5. Thoughtfully dispose of when soiled; replace promptly.

Step-6. Maintain cleanliness and comfort all day long.


Read and follow the instructions for usage.


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