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Nannys Baby Love Diaper Jumbo (12 – 25 kg)

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Nannys Baby Love Diaper Jumbo, tailored for 12-25 kg babies, boasts breathable back-sheet, soft stretch panel, and includes 50 pieces for enhanced comfort and protection. Order now!


  • Designed for babies weighing 12-25 kg
  • Has breathable cloth-like back-sheet
  • Soft side stretch panel
  • Comes with 50 pcs 

How to Use 

Step-1: Start by placing the diaper flat, ensuring the absorbent side faces up.

Step-2: Position your baby accurately on the diaper.

Step-3: Fasten the tabs securely between the legs.

Step-4: Ensure comfort around both legs and waist.

Step-5: Dispose of used diapers appropriately and replace them promptly.

Step-6: Ensure your baby stays clean and comfortable throughout the day.


Supervise diaper changes, secure tabs, dispose thoughtfully, and consult pediatrician for any irritation. 


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