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Smart Care Wet Wipes with Tube (60 PCs)

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SmartCare Wet Wipes: 60 pcs in a tube, gentle cleaning for baby’s delicate skin. Soft, smooth, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free. Prevents diaper rash, keeps skin fresh and soft. Convenient for on-the-go use.


  • Soft and smooth for delicate baby skin
  • Hypoallergenic and alcohol-free
  • Prevents diaper rash, leaving skin fresh and soft
  • Comes in a convenient tube
  • Contains 60 pcs

How to Use 

Step-1:Open the baby wipes tube by unscrewing the cap.

Step-2:Retrieve one wipe at a time.

Step-3:Cleanse your baby’s skin gently from head to toe.

Step-4:Utilize additional wipes for comprehensive cleaning as required.

Step-5:Wipe your baby’s bottom after diaper changes.

Step-6:Dispose of used wipes in the bin.

Step-7:Close the tube securely post-use.


Use wipes only for their intended purpose; prevent your baby from sucking on them for safety precautions.


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