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Nannys Flaxicare Newborn Diaper Mini (2 – 5 kg)

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Explore Nanny’s Flaxicare Newborn Diaper Mini, ideal for babies between 2 and 5 kg. With a soft side stretch panel and breathable cloth-like back sheet, this diaper gives your baby unparalleled comfort and keeps baby’s skin dry.


  • Designed for 2-5 kg babies 
  • Comes with soft side stretch panel
  • Has breathable cloth-like back sheet
  • Gives extra absorption to your baby

How to Use

Step-1: Commence by spreading the diaper flat, making certain the absorbent side is upward-facing.

Step-2: Validate the correct positioning of your baby on the diaper.

Step-3: Firmly affix the tabs between the legs.

Step-4: Verify comfort around the legs and waist, ensuring a snug fit.

Step-5: Responsibly discard used diapers and promptly substitute them.

Step-6: Maintain your baby’s cleanliness and comfort throughout the day.


Check your baby’s skin while changing the diaper and ask a healthcare professional for help if any unintentional issues occur.


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