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SmartCare Wide Neck Glass Bottle Baby Feeder – 150ml (5oz)

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Explore the SmartCare Wide Neck Glass Bottle Baby Feeder Bottle (5 oz/ 150 ml) for your baby’s feeding needs. Designed for safety and convenience, it simplifies the feeding process with a durable, transparent plastic body and a hygienic liquid silicone rubber nipple. Adjustable milk flow and heat-resistant for added functionality.


  • Simplifies feeding process
  • Made of safe, durable, transparent food contact plastic
  • Nipple crafted from safe
  • Hygienic liquid silicone rubber
  • Adjustable milk flow with cap
  • 5 oz/ 150 ml capacity 

How to Use 

Step-1:Fill the bottle with milk or formula.

Step-2:Adjust milk flow by tightening or loosening the cap.

Step-3:Place the nipple securely on the bottle.

Step-4:Feed your baby comfortably.

Step-5:After use, clean and sterilize as needed for hygiene.


Avoid propping the bottle: It raises the risk of choking, ear infections, and tooth decay.


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