Advanced Breast Pump

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Smart Care Breast Pump offers gentle yet efficient manual suction, aiding quick milk flow with its innovative design. Its silicone cushion and breast-mimicking flange make it ideal for working women seeking efficient milk expression.

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  • Compact design
  • Silicon cushion
  • Ensure quick milk flow
  • Express more milk 

How to Use 

Step 1: Wash hands and all pump components.

Step 2: Create a private, calm environment for pumping.

Step 3: Position the assembled breast shield onto your breast.

Step 4: Initiate the pumping process.

Step 5: Emulate a baby’s natural sucking rhythm.

Step 6: Transition to the other breast as needed.

Step 7: Disassemble and clean the pump post-use


Breast pumps are for single use only and should not be shared or rented due to safety concerns.


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